December 12, 2016
Category: Dental Health

What are Common Causes of Dry Mouth?

In our last blog post, Dr. Samuels in Rockville, MD, introduced dry mouth, and why it can be so harmful to your oral health. In order to identify dry mouth, and begin finding relief, it is important to identify what might be triggering your dry mouth. 

Causes of Dry Mouth

Below, we outline several common causes of dry mouth:

- Medications
- Diseases like anemia and diabetes
- Chemotherapy
- Nerve Damage
- Dehydration
- Smoking
- Excessive caffeine consumption
- Excessive alcohol consumption

Any of the above can be a cause of dry mouth. However, the medications you are taking are usually the biggest culprit. Below, Dr. Samuels lists what types of medicine have dry mouth as a side effect:

- Antihistamines
- Antidepressants
- Analgesic (painkillers)
- Diuretics
- Hypertension medications
- Decongestants 

Unfortunately, if you are experiencing dry mouth as a result of medications, you may not be able to avoid this. Due to this, Dr. Samuels will provide some ways to find relief in our next blog post. If you you like to schedule an appointment, contact us today. 


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