In our prior blog post, Dr. Samuels began a discussion on how important it is for your children to develop good oral hygiene habits. Unfortunately for your children, oral hygiene is not entertaining. Because of this, your children will not want to brush twice per day or for two minutes at a time. However, developing these brushing habits is important for your children to have good oral hygiene habits and a healthy life. 

Dr. Samuels treats many children at his office in Rockville, MD, and wants to help your children improve their oral health. Below, he shares some hints and tips to get your children to brush twice a day and for two minutes at a time. 


Pediatric Dentistry

1: Create a brushing schedule


Setting up a schedule is important because it makes brushing mandatory, not optional. If you put brushing on your child’s schedule, just like school or homework, they will start to brush every day. Once it is a part of their schedule, after about 3 weeks, brushing will become habitual to your child. 


2: Reserve a song for when your child brushes


Is there a catchy tune that your child really enjoys listening to? If so, you should consider reserving this song and playing it for them while they brush. If your child knows they get to listen to their favorite song while they brush, they will begin to look forward to this time. Not only will this song make your child want to brush more often, but it will also help them brush longer, as they will want to listen to more of their favorite song. 


3: Make brushing a family activity 


If you brush with your child, you will be able to evaluate how they are doing in a better manner and ensure they are properly avoiding cavities. Here is what the ADA says about cavities in children. While your children do not need to use as much toothpaste as you, they still need to brush for the same amount of time. By brushing with your children, it will encourage them to brush for as long as you do. 


4: Buy your child an electric toothbrush


An electric toothbrush will help your child in a couple of ways. First, an electric toothbrush will help to make up for the bad form that your child employs. Secondly, using something that is motorized will be more entertaining for your children than using something that is not.


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